Aristar provides outsourced accounting and financial management support to a portfolio of SME recruiters whose cumulative turnover exceeds £120m. Our services include the following: -


Contractor PayROLL

We understand the importance of paying your candidates on time, every time, and billing your clients in a timely manner. Strong systems and processes are key to keeping all stakeholders happy and more importantly to maximise cashflow.

We believe that a well run finance team with the right approach can genuinely differentiate your brand in a congested marketplace. In reality finance staff have more touch points throughout a contractors assignment than consultants. We aim for each interaction to positively enhance the perception of the brands we are representing via our professional and personable approach.


Management Accounts

Recruitment businesses don’t equip their staff with the skills required to run a business from a finance perspective - why would they?

Our intuitive, recruitment specific board packs are designed to demystify finance and help you to drive growth in your business. 

In reality there are 5 key cost areas and a small number of financial KPIs that you need to monitor to run a profitable recruitment business. We provide simple to read reports and guidance on how to use these to drive profitability and growth in your business.


Credit Control

The statement "Cash is King" is never more true than in a high-growth recruitment business.

Rigorous credit control is critical for any growth recruitment business, growing contractor books in particular eat cash. So ensuring your clients stick to terms is key.

The success of credit control is about multiple touch points and understanding the systems and processes of your clients as well as the personalities involved. We take the time to get under the skin of your clients to ensure prompt payment whilst understanding the importance of your client relationships.


Accounts Payable & EXPENSES 

Managing key supplier relationships if cash is tight is an important skill. We understand the importance of keeping your suppliers onside and manage them in such a way as to maximise your cashflow.

Staff expenses can be a tedious and time consuming task. We provide your team with market leading software to automate the whole process, resulting in a considerable time saving each month.


Having worked in high-growth recruitment businesses it was clear to Aristar's Founder, Paul that not all SME recruiters need a full-time FD, but definitely need the advice and guidance an FD can bring.  

Our senior management team is on hand to provide this strategic support as and where required, negating the need for a six figure salary on your payroll.

Confidential financial coaching 

Larger recruitment businesses don't give their employees the skills to run a business.  

Many exceptional entrepreneurs run successful businesses without having the benefit of any formal financial education or coaching. Many feel there is an assumed level of knowledge that comes with their position and find it difficult to ask for help or to know where to look.

At Aristar we can either create a tailored coaching program for our clients to fill these gaps in your knowledge or you can attend one of our group training sessions. These take the format of informal lunches or more formal classroom based training.


Your remote Aristar finance team is an integral part of your organisation.  We give you direct access to a team of qualified, customer-friendly finance professionals who work exclusively with recruitment firms like yours.